About this Site

Welcome to Choosing Our Own Adventures.

I created this site as a way to organize the variety of secular resources that I found on the internet for my own use in our own educational adventure.

If you are new to homeschooling I suggest looking at the Getting Started Homeschooling page.

The goal of this project is to catalog the massive list of websites that I find through various searches. Most of the links provided are free or are low-cost. Some of the pages have commentary and others just provide a list of links. This is a site that is continuously being updated as I discover new resources or I update a page with reviews. Many times I do not create a new page, but simply add the link or commentary to a page that was already created. Dates reflect most recent update.

The links are currently not connected with affiliate links, nor do I have any association to the publishers of the for-a-fee resources that are listed here. Nor is this comprehensive list of all the free resources that are available. There are many blogs out there with large, comprehensive lists of free resources; many are heavily laden with advertising that makes it difficult to navigate to the resources, so I have chosen not to link to most of those sites, but there are a couple of exceptions.

Most of the resources listed are secular in nature. There are one or two exceptions and those are noted, as such.

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