Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Math Resources

Here are some interesting resources that generate discussions and are fun math activities. 

An excellent list of math books for elementary from the website The Best Children's Books. 
Math for Kids: children's books that build a love of math


Online Videos

PBS Learning Media | PBS - This has videos and support for all topics and breaks down some of the PBS Kids videos by topics, so that you can use them for specific lessons.

Science Experiments
Science experiments for elementary ages mostly involve measuring (weight, volume, temperature), as well as some basic math skills such as addition, subtraction and occasionally multiplication. 

Cooking involves measuring, as well as fractions. I would suggest looking a kids cookbooks for ideas on recipes that are age appropriate. 

Worksheets | Free Math Worksheets This website has pages already created for your use. These are very helpful and are completely free, but it does not have the ability to create unique worksheets .  (Free resource)

Math Worksheet Site | Online Math Worksheet Generator This site provides a long list of worksheets that you can create. It provides a sample of worksheet generators that you can try out for free. For additional, more sophisticated math, there is a $25 annual fee. (free/low-cost resource)

Print Free Graph Paper |

Consumer Math Resources

Financial Resources for Everyone | Practical Money Skills | Visa

Home Math: Everyday Skills | NWT Literacy Council

Complete Math Curriculums

Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP) Primary Resources This is an interesting and free elementary curriculum. Provides a complete curriculum through elementary grades. (Free resource)

Khan Academy This program is very well put together for all age groups.  While the videos are basic, they are informative and provide enough information, while not being overwhelming. There are plenty of quizzes to demonstrate mastery in a topic and it provides repeated practice. There is a student and teacher modes so parents can keep track for multiple children working on the system and can send out reports to you about how much time they have spent on the site and what they accomplished. Children (and adults!) like the point system and badges that can be earned. There is no grading. Regular usage and successful completion of tasks are also rewarded, so even struggling students receive badges for effort. (Free resource)

Math Mammoth - MM curriculum is very inexpensive and provides easy to explain lessons from first grade through seventh (pre-algebra). The order of lessons is clear, as well as the explanations.  Other benefits of MM is that it teaches the metric system in addition to the U.S. system of measurement. Also each chapter provides a list of links for online math games that correspond to the lessons. This program is best for kids who like worksheets. The investment in supplies is minimal in contrast with other programs. MM provides free samples, so I would encourage anyone considering Math Mammoth Math to sign-up for the free samples and look them over to make sure that they will work for you. (low-cost resource) 

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