Sunday, May 7, 2017

Make Your Own Timeline (Big Bang - Today)

Teaching is fraught with discussions on how to teach it and what to teach. Finding resources can be challenging.

As with much of our education, I decided to be eclectic with how we approached the topic.  I decided to create a timeline and then when we came across the topic in our activities, we could mark it on our timeline.

Finding a timeline that covered big history was difficult, so I decided to create my own. The initial process was difficult, as I had trouble figuring out how to space out the years so that there were not too many pages, yet it left room to fill in information.

To help me with the pacing of events, I decided to use the Usborne Book of World History as a general guide on how many years to cover on each page. The early pages cover billions of years, while the last pages cover 10 years.  Download a copy of the timeline. (pdf)

Printing and Binding.
I printed the timeline, single-sided, on card stock and then using packing tape, I bound it according style. The benefit of binding it according0style is that it allows me to use it both as a book and stretched out across the house.

Suggestion on how to use
We discuss history in a non-linear fashion, so the timeline provides some framework as to understanding how far back in time event happened, as well as organizing the dates to understand when something happened.

Where to start:
I started with our life, when we were born and when other family members were born. This provided some context for our own experience and how we fit into history.

I print photos and we paste them on the timeline. If you have a student who likes to color or draw, then I would encourage them to color printouts or create their own images for the timeline.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this resource! I'm looking forward to adding things to this as we learn this year!!

  2. This is so awesome. I've been so confused about how to do a timeline, for all the reasons you mentioned. You're so great to put this together and to share it.