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The week of October 8 is Fire Safety Week, the anniversary of the Chicago Fire. There are great resources to help teach children about fire safety.

First check with your local library and fire department. Many public services have free, special events focusing on safety education.

Sparky the Fire Dog (website): Backed by the National Fire Prevention Association, the Sparky website is filled with games, lessons and videos. It is appropriate for elementary-aged kids (ages 5-12), reinforcing the many aspects of home safety. They also have two free apps (iPad/Phone) that reinforces lessons in a fun way.  Recommended for ages 3-5 Sparky's Birthday Surprise and Sparky's Match Game provide a basic introduction to fire safety. For upper-elementary, there is a free ebook, Rescue Dogs, Firefighting Heroes, and Science Facts, which provides age-appropriate stories. In additional there are free downloadables for kids of all ages.

Smokey the Bear (website): The iconic Smokey the Bear and his phrase "Only you can prevent forest fires" is not a dated relic from our childhood, but is active in fire prevention. While we think of Smokey when we go camping, it is also useful to think of the safety rules regarding the danger of fire in other ways. This website is most useful for upper-elementary-aged kids (9-12). There are interactive activities and downloadables in the teacher resources section for grades K-3 and 6-8.  Just recently, they added resources based on the Disney movie Planes: Fire and Rescue. All resources here are free.

Bill Nye the Science Guy offers videos discussing the science of fire including chemical reactionsheat, and pressure (freely available on YouTube). Nye also offers a video on fire safety when conducting science experiments Safety Smart Science: Fire. For kids who are interested in the hows and whys of fire, these videos help explain the fascinating and dangerous aspects of fire. These videos are appropriate for elementary-aged kids, but are fun for all ages.

Other fun videos for Disney fans include Donald's Fire Safety Hits as an entertaining way to talk about fire safety with kids.

FEMA/USFA: Keeping kids safe from fire -

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