Sunday, April 23, 2017

Science: Chemistry

What is Chemistry?
Chemistry | IdahoPTV's D4K

Atoms & Molecules
Bill Nye the Science Guy Atom & Molecules
Magic School Bus S4 E40 | Molecules

Periodic Table
Periodic Table of Elements website
Periodic Table of Videos

Strange Matter

Bill Nye the Science Guy Phases of Matter
Bill Nye the Science Guy Fluids

Chemical Reactions using LEGOS | MIT

Bill Nye the Science Guy Chemical Reactions
Bill Nye the Science Guy Heat
Magic School Bus S2 E26 | Floating & Sinking
Magic School Bus S2 E28 | Heat

Additional Resources
Chemistry | Science Trek IPTV
Crash Course Chemistry 
Chemistry | Khan Academy
Science behind our Food | Chemistry Lesson Plans
Chemistry /| Chemical Education Foundation
Chemistry | PBS Learning Media
A Day without Chemistry |
Chemistry | SciShow
Chemistry for Teens |
Magic School Bus S1 E9 | Kitchen Chemistry
Middle School Chemistry

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