Sunday, June 14, 2015

Topic Focus: Penguins

Project-Based Learning on Penguins

This is a list of various resources that would be appropriate for an elementary-aged student who is interested in a project on penguins.

Live Webcams of Penguins at Aquariums and Zoos
Penguin Live Web Cam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Animal Planet Live - Penguin Cam at Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
Aquarium of the Pacific | Exhibits Penguin Habitat with 3 webcams: Webcam: Penguin Habitat Below Water

Live Webcams of Penguins in the wild
United States Antarctic Program | Penguin Webcam (seasonal Oct-Feb)

Websites on penguins
Penguin Science: Understanding penguin response to climate and ecosystem change (videos, educational resources, dvds, citizen science projects)
Lola Adelie - Facebook page for a penguin that scientists are following
International Penguin Conservation Work Group
Emperor Penguin | National Geographic Kids
Penguins Waddle all the Way (Discovery | videos)
Penguin Watch
Penguins (BrainPop, subscription required, video, lesson plans)
World Penguin Day | Photo of the Week | National Wildlife Federation (photos and information)

Lesson Plans
Penguins: Everything you Need |
Perfectly Penguin Lesson Plans | Tawani International Antarctic Expeditions
Penguin Lesson Plans on Pinterest
Hands-on Science & Literacy Lessons about Birds | Arctic & Antarctic Birds
Long Island Aquarium Penguin Lesson Plans (pdf)
What is happening to the Emperor Penguins? | National Geographic
PBS Learning Media | Penguins

Books and Support Materials
Magic Tree House books: #40: Eve of the Emperor Penguin,  Penguins in Antarctica lesson plans

TV shows
Flight of the Penguins | Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That | PBS Kids (Netflix streaming)

Movies | Documentaries 
March of the Penguins | lesson plans |
Penguins: The Birds That Wanted to Be Fish (Netflix)
Penguins Under Siege (Netflix)
Life in the Freezer | BBC (Netflix)

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