Sunday, May 3, 2015

Topic Focus: Bees

Project-Based Learning on Bees

This is a list of various resources that would be appropriate for an elementary-aged student who is interested in a project on bees.

Live Webcams
Honeybee hive |
Bee Watch | USDA
NRDC's Rooftop Honeybee Cam

Websites on bees

Lesson Plans
Get the Buzz on Honey Bees |
Grade Cluster 1-3 | U of Arizona
Bees | Science Trek: Idaho Public Television

Books and Support Materials

TV Shows
Show me the Honey | The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about That | PBS Kids (S1, E1) Netflix streaming
Flight of the Pollinators | Wild Kratts | PBS Kids (S1, E11) Netflix streaming

Movies | Documentaries
Bees: Tales from the Hive: NOVA | PBS (Netflix DVD)
Wings of Life | DisneyNature | Lesson Plans (Netflix streaming)
More Than Honey (Netflix streaming)

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