Sunday, June 14, 2015

Topic Focus: Bald Eagles

Project-Based Learning on Bald Eagles

This is a list of various resources that would be appropriate for an elementary-aged student who is interested in a project on Bald Eagles.

Live Webcams (during nesting season)
Bald Eagle | Channel Islands National Park | National Park Service
Pelican Harbor Bald Eagle Nest webcam
Sauces Canyon Bald Eagle webcam
DNR EagleCam |
DC Eagle Cam

Bald Eagle | All About Birds | Cornell Lab or Ornithology
Bald Eagle | National Geographic
Bald Eagle | US Fish & Wildlife Service
Bald Eagle Fact Sheet | National Zoo
Bald Eagle | National Wildlife Federation
Bald Eagle | Audubon Field Guide (includes audio files of songs & calls)
American Bald Eagle Foundation 
Bald Eagles in California | California Dept. of Fish & Game (many links to other resources)
Bald Eagles in Idaho | Idaho Fish & Game (pdf)
Bald Eagle | Idaho Fish & Game (pdf)

Lesson Plans
Bald Eagle Awareness Week | Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Bald Eagle activities on Pinterest

Books and Support Materials
National Bald Eagle Management Guidelines | US Fish & Wildlife Service

Videos | Movies/TV | Documentaries 
American Eagle | Nature | PBS
The American Bald Eagle | National Geographic Documentary
Bald Eagles Play Catch | Discovery Education

Representation of Eagles in
American History

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