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Science : Biology

General Resources
Annenburg Learner: Life Science    
Life's Basic Ingredients  | PBS LearningMedia
Crash Course Biology
Ask a Biologist (ASU)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Educational Materials
Tree of Life Treehouses

What is life?                                                                                     
Characteristics of Living Things                                                                            
What is Alive?  Answered by Robin Williams | Sesame Street                   
Characteristics of Life | CK12         
The Life Cycle | Kids Discover        

Plant Cells | Crash Course Biology
BrainPop Cells (video, free)                                              

Human Biology / Anatomy / Physiology
Pulse of Life Lessons
Virtual Skeleton
Crimando's Skeleton Tutorials
Museum of Osteology                                                                                   
Life-sized Body Map                                                                                                 
Inner Body                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Parts of the Skeleton Song                                                                                    
Them Not So Dry Bones | Schoolhouse Rock                                                                                                                     
Do the Circulation | Schoolhouse Rock                                                               
Habits of the Heart (website)                                                                                
Virtual Heart (iOS app, free)                                                                                  
How the heart actually pumps blood                                                                  
Anatomy of the Heart (infographic) | Kids Discover                                                                                         
Genetics: Tour of the Basics    
Habits of the Heart | Science Museum of Minnesota   
Animal Kingdom                                                                                 
Animal Diversity Web | U of Michigan Museum of Zoology
The Taxon Lift at the University of California Museum of Paleontology
Tree of Life Web Project
The Six Kingdoms
Animal Kingdom (Classification) | WatchKnowLearn

Inside Natures Giants | PBS

Invertebrates - Cnidaria                                                                                                     
Discover Magazine: Jellyfish

Invertebrates - Worms                                                                                                       
Adventures of Squirming' Herman the Worm | U of Illinois Extension
Invertebrates - Echinoderms 
Echinoderms: The Spiny Animals! 
Introduction to the Echinodermata

Invertebrates -  Arthropod-Insects                                                                               
Caterpillar Metamorphosis
Butterfly Diorama                                                                                                      
DisneyNature: Wings of Life (Netflix, Amazon, Amazon Instant Video) | Educators Guide
Bee Basics (ebook, PDF)    | USDA 

Invertebrates -  Arthropod-Arachnids                                                                        
Smithsonian Institute Why don't spiders stick to their web 

Staying Clean: How Birds Clean their Feathers | BBC
Cornell Lab of Ornithology (video, guides, audio files) 
Build a Bird | Cornell Lab


Animal Habitats
Animals Around Us | Discovery Education
Habitat Basics | U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Habitats of the World | Discovery Education

Animal Habitats | National Wildlife Federation                                                              
Photosynthesis (infographic) | Kids Discover


Soil Science
Nutrients for Life

Nature Studies 
Ranger Rick - National Wildlife Federation - The NWF produces two ad-free magazines and a website for kids. Ranger Rick Jr. is for kids from 4-6 years of age and Ranger Rick for kids starting around age 6.  The website is filled with printables; a favorite are the Nature's Notebook, which provides a framework for kids' nature observations. They have lots of free resources on their site including notebook pages, both blank and focused projects, as well as educator guides that match each magazine.

National Geographic Kids

National Park Service - Jr. Ranger Program and website (cross-listed with US history/culture)

Rough Science -

Pages for Kids | US Department of the Interior

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