Monday, March 28, 2016

Foreign Language

Here are some useful apps and websites for learning a new language.

  • Duolingo: Learn a language for free. Choose from 7 languages. Appropriate for upper elementary-adult. (Children must be able to read.) (free, website, iOS & Android)
  • Mango Languages: Free through a public or college library. 60 different languages available. (web, iOS & Android)
  • BBC Languages - Free, 40 language options
  • Gus on the Go language app, advertised for kids under 5, but can be useful for older ages. Has about 25 languages to choose from.  Some free support resources. (fee, iOS & Android)

Resources for specific languages



Multiple Languages

  • Long Bridge Publishing has resources for children in Italian and French. Some free support resources. (books, downloadable)
  • Foreign Language for Children | Dover Publications | Affordable books, of particular interest are the  coloring and activity books, as well as the word search. 

Helpful articles about language learning:
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