Sunday, April 23, 2017

Science: Chemistry

What is Chemistry?
Chemistry | IdahoPTV's D4K

Atoms & Molecules
Bill Nye the Science Guy Atom & Molecules
Magic School Bus S4 E40 | Molecules

Periodic Table
Periodic Table of Elements website
Periodic Table of Videos

Strange Matter

Bill Nye the Science Guy Phases of Matter
Bill Nye the Science Guy Fluids

Chemical Reactions using LEGOS | MIT

Bill Nye the Science Guy Chemical Reactions
Bill Nye the Science Guy Heat
Magic School Bus S2 E26 | Floating & Sinking
Magic School Bus S2 E28 | Heat

Additional Resources
Chemistry | Science Trek IPTV
Crash Course Chemistry 
Chemistry | Khan Academy
Science behind our Food | Chemistry Lesson Plans
Chemistry /| Chemical Education Foundation
Chemistry | PBS Learning Media
A Day without Chemistry |
Chemistry | SciShow
Chemistry for Teens |
Magic School Bus S1 E9 | Kitchen Chemistry
Middle School Chemistry

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Officially the holiday  is meant as a "celebration to honor America's veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good" (Dept. of VA) While it is frequently conflated with Memorial Day, the resources here are to honor all veterans. Where as Memorial Day is to remember those veterans that have died during active military service. There are resources listed with Memorial Day with that focus, that may be considered appropriate here. 

Overview of Veterans Day with lessons
Articles for Reference


Crafts & Activity Ideas
  • Poppy Crafts 
  • American Flag
  • Complete a National Park Service Jr. Ranger activity at a NPS supported battlefield or monument

Thanksgiving (United States)

Thanksgiving Day

Websites with lessons

Books: Check your local library for their selection of books on Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims, Native American culture, and the concept of giving thanks. These are some of the interesting books that I have found:

Picture books for all ages

Picture books for young children

Chapter books 

Fun Stuff
  • Make placemats for the local Meals-on-Wheels program